Reformation Day – Calvin on Prayer


Scripture with good reason enjoins us to use both [thanksgiving and petition] constantly. For as we have stated elsewhere, the weight of our poverty and the facts of experience proclaim that the tribulations which drive and press us from all sides are so many and so great that there is reason enough for us all continually to groan and sigh to God, and to beseech him as suppliants. For even if they be free of adversities, the guilt of their transgressions and the innumerable assaults of temptations ought still to goad even the holiest to seek a remedy. But in the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving there can be no interruption without sin, since God does not cease to heap benefits upon benefits in order to impel us, though slow and lazy, to gratefulness. In short, we are well-nigh overwhelmed by so great and so plenteous an outpouring of benefactions, by so many and mighty miracles discerned wherever one looks, that we never lack reason and occasion for praise and thanksgiving. – Institutes, III.xx.28

Reformation Day – Calvin on Prayer

2 thoughts on “Reformation Day – Calvin on Prayer

  1. —You know how I like to put all preconceptions to one side in order to view things objectively? …Interesting thing you said back there, Matthew: prayer being all vanity, I mean. From whence did you get such an opinion? Sometimes I have even thought such things myself that the days of prayer are past but we would have no hope for the flock without it – surely? You cannot be the first to have said such things though…

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